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Chandrashekhar Agashe College of Physical Education has been building careers in Sports & Fitness Education since 1977.

With a vision of social transformation through health, physical education and sports, CACPE along with their partners AGE Sports aim to develop  sensitive human resource catering to these fields by transforming society through service, innovative strategies, academic programs and cutting edge research.

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This is a beginner level course for aspiring Yoga instructors which will provide knowledge about the basics of Yoga and enable students to perform asanas, give instructions and conduct beginner level classes as a Certified Yoga Instructor
Duration: 45 hours (Only on weekends)
Medium of instruction: English and/or Marathi
Batch Size: Min. 20 & Max. 50 students

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This course will equip the learners to understand and implement the nutrition plan suggested by an expert Sports Nutritionist for an athlete or fitness enthusiast to enhance their performance on the field.
Duration: 30 hours (Only on weekends)
Medium of instruction: English and/or Marathi
Batch Size: Min. 20 & Max. 50 students

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This is a unique and first of its kind course across India which will provide the learners knowledge about Physical Literacy as a concept and enable them to conduct activities which improve the physical literacy of the society. It is an inclusive, experiential & engaging course for all learners and is also aligned to the goals of FIT INDIA movement.

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This course provides a comprehensive theoretical & practical learning based on scientific principles, equipping the students to gain knowledge & experience in order to become a certified Gym instructor in the fitness industry.

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This is an advanced course in fitness science which provides comprehensive knowledge to students about implementing Senior Citizen fitness programmes, which enables the students to practice as certified trainers for senior citizens.

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This course provides learners with a practical knowledge of outdoor fitness activities enabling them to design, plan & safely deliver an effective outdoor fitness program for a group and also become a certified outdoor fitness instructor.

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This is a beginner level course which enables learners to conduct group aerobic sessions with comprehensive knowledge of rhytms, combinations & commands. The students who successfully complete this course will be certified as Aerobics Instructors in the fitness industry.

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– Passionate, committed and highly qualified faculty

– External industry experts to ensure practical application

– Courses conducted in vernacular mediums to ensure complete comprehension by the students

– High placement record


– Unique course design to ensure basic understanding

– Create pathway for higher studies, jobs & opportunities

– Help sports persons, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and the society to achieve their goals of increase in performance.

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